JUST FRIENDS (hit the note to hear an unbearably slow version - which is my opinion of the lyrics)
Just friends, lovers no more;
Just friends, but not like before.
To think of what we’ve been
And not to kiss again
seems like pretending;
It isn’t the ending.
Two friends drifting apart;
Two friends but one broken heart.
We loved, we laughed, we cried,
And suddenly love died.
The story ends,
And we’re just friends.

this is a perfect song for my ALL WOMEN's BAND, under the direction of the men in their life)
Just lovers, friends no less;
Just lovers, not even a mess.
To think of where we've been
And ever to kiss again
is not fantasizing;
It is the realizing.
Two lovers merging as one
Two lovers look what they've done.
We love, we laugh, we buy
And perpetually, we sigh.
The tale turns others
And we're still lovers.