****** Musician's Meanderings******
Steve Hashimoto's Journey Journal – News From the Trenches – 10-19-2003:

A new outrage from the world of the footsoldier...

Sullivan's, the steakhouse in Naperville, has been hiring jazz musicians
since it opened, several years ago, but one thing or another has always been fishy
with the management. For a while I heard (I may be wrong on this, but I doubt
it) that there was an official ban on bass solos (I hear some of you saying,
"And your point is...?"). I also heard that for a while musicians were
prohibited from hanging out on the premises on their breaks -- they had to either go
down to the basement or leave the club. The Sullivans in Chicago was using a
notoriously crooked local player (and I hate to say this because he's actually
a friend of mine, and quite a good player at that) to contract bands, a guy
who'd already burned a lot of players on The Spirit Of Chicago (ah, yes, now
some of you know who I'm talking about), and he was starting to burn a whole new
bunch of guys. Now, the latest installment -- the steady Fri. and Sat. gig (I
wasn't on it, so I have no personal interest in this other than that the guys
are friends of mine), which was already paying light for 5 hours, has ended,
because management wanted to increase the hours to 7, without increasing the
pay. Now, I know cats have gotta work, so I don't expect anyone who's playing
the gig on other nights to quit in solidarity, but for those of you who eat
there occasionally, might I suggest you find someplace else to take your business
to? Bottom line: pianist Bryan Nichols, bassist Dan Shapera, and drummer Danny
Martin are looking for work on Fridays and Saturdays.

This week Steven Hashimoto is happy to be playing for the following honest

SUN. 10/19: at THE LAKE ZURICH LIBRARY, 275 Mohawk Trail, Lake Zurich, 3-4pm,
with Sueños Latin-Jazz Quartet (Dan Hesler, sax; Bob Long, piano; Heath
Chappell, drums); then, later on, at SIMON'S TAVERN, 5210 N. Clark, 9-11:30pm, with
The Steven Hashimoto Quartet (Dan Hesler, sax; Zvonimir Tot, guitar; Heath
Chappell, drums).

WEDS. 10/22: at THE GREEN MILL, 4802 N. Broadway, 9pm-1am, with Sueños
Latin-Jazz Quintet (Mike Levin, sax; Mark Smith, steel drums and percussion; Bob
Long, piano; Alejo Poveda, drums).

THURS. 10/23: at NORTHBROOK COURT in front of LORD & TAYLOR, Lake Cook Road
west of the Edens Expressway, 7-8pm, with Barry Winograd's Alternatives Little
Big Band.

FRI. 10/24: at THE GREEN MILL, 4802 N. Broadway, 1:30-3:45am, with The Green
Mill Quartet (Barely Winograd, bari sax; Bob Long, piano; Rick Shandling,
drums) for The After-Hours Jam Session.

SAT. 10/25: a jobbing date with Brian Patti; thanks to Mike Staron.

SUN. 10/26: a gig with The Greg Vasquez Quartet in the afternoon, I don't
know where (Greg on guitar; Bob Long on piano; Steve Magnone on drums); then
later on a jobbing date with The High Society crew.

I still have a disquieting amount of off-nights free, as well as the odd
Saturday, and a whole bunch of Fridays. Call me at 708-222-6520, por favor.