****** Musician's Meanderings******
Steve Hashimoto's Journey Journal – News From the Trenches – 08-10-2003:
Lord, stick a fork in me and turn me over, I think I'm done. Just had a
jobbing date that was long and filled with special moments. To begin with, the
first three guests to commandeer microphones were zen masters of microphone misuse
-- the father of the bride chose the 3-feet-away-and-aimed-at-the-Adam's-apple position,
the bride's sister chose the navel-height/pointed-at-the-ceiling position,
and the woman who said grace (I have to imagine she's a minister of some sort
and thus you'd think she'd be a little more mic-savvy) took the wireless mic off

of its stand (which the soundman, being a pro, had placed in a feedback-safe spot)

and went and stood directly in front of a p.a. speaker.

Next up was a prison-yard rendition of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling",
sung en-masse by about 20 drunken and extremely tone-deaf frat brothers; this was
truly one of the most wretched things I've ever heard. Imagine going on the
yard at San Quentin and recruiting 20 Aryan-Brotherhood cons to do Righteous
Brothers imitations -- you're in the ballpark.

Finally, one of the guests brought his own Karaoke CD of Neil Diamond's
Greatest Hits, which he insisted on singing. Now this is truly a scary thing -- I
assume you can buy these things somewhere, 'cause it's even scarier to think
that he actually paid musicians to create backing-tracks-minus-vocals of Neil
Diamond songs. Bad enough that he actually takes the damn thing to friends'
weddings. He wanted us to play along on top of the CD ("C'mon, guys, it'll be
really cool!") but we declined. Discretion is the better part of valor, I always

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. We got fed, the band was pretty good, the
gig paid decently, and as I remarked to Jim Kaczmerik (sorry if I butchered
your last name, Jim), where else are you gonna get paid to look at beautiful
inebriated women dressed to the nines trying to dance in high heels?

Also played a pleasant gig at the Gold Coast Whole Foods this afternoon -- in
last week's bulletin I neglected to thank guitarist Owen Yen, who provided
the contact. Thanks, Owen, you're a prince.

Finally, because I'm brain-dead at this point, some baby-boomer rock trivia
from an interesting book I just finished, "Eight Miles High" by Richard
Unterberger. The trumpet solos on the Byrds' record "So You Want To Be A Rock 'N'
Roll Star" were played by Hugh Masakela. The studio band on Donovan's "Sunshine
Superman" were Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham and Alan Holdsworth.
The song "Handsome Johnny", which Richie Havens sang at Woodstock, and which is
either in the movie or on the soundtrack album (I don't recall which but I do
remember the song) was written by the actor Lou Gossett, who was a Village
folksinger in the early '60s (as was Alan Arkin). Well, I find this kinda stuff

This week Steven Hashimoto will continue to strive to become a footnote in
musical history at:

SUN. 8/10: at RAVENSWOOD MANOR, 4600 N. Manor, 2pm til I don't know when,
with The Lil' Cow Band. Bring the kids!

MON. 8/11: at KOPI CAFÉ, 5317 N. Clark, 8-10pm, with guitarist Pat Fleming.

TUES. 8/12: at LEOPARD LOUNGE, 1645 W. Cortland, 9pm to midnight (new
hours!), with The Steven Hashimoto Quartet (Mike Levin, sax; Neal Alger, guitar;
Steve Magnone, drums). We swapped dates this month with Typhanie Monique (sounds a
little kinky!); next month, God willing, we'll be back to our regular 1st

WEDS. 8/13: at HACKNEY'S, 126th and LaGrange Rd., Palos Park, 8-10:30pm, with
The Brass Tracks Big Band.

FRI. 8/15: leading a band for The Lake Forest Historical Society's Annual
Polo Ball, then racing off to THE GREEN MILL, 4802 N. Broadway, 1:30-3:45am, for
the After-Hours Jam Session with The Green Mill Quartet (Barely Winograd, bari
sax; Bob Long, piano; Rick Shandling, drums). We had a landmark night this
week; not only were we graced by the presence of Cameron Pfiffner subbing for
Barely and Jeff Newell hanging out after his sets, but an embarassing wealth of
pianists -- John Roothaan, Vijay Tellis-Nayak, Tim Green and Bryan Nichols.

SAT. 8/16: a Sueños wedding gig! These clients sound too good to be true --
they say that if anyone tries to request anything outside of our bag that we're
to tell them no!

SUN. 8/17: an outdoor gig in Elgin with steel drummer Bill Riddle (thanks to
Donn DiSanto); then later on at SIMON'S TAVERN, 5210 N. Clark, 9-11:30pm, with
The Steven Hashimoto Quartet (Dan Hesler, sax; Zvonimir Tot, guitar; Heath
Chappell, drums).

Early gig warning: Sueños Sextet at The Green Mill, Fri. Aug. 22! This is the
first time in years that I've got the original lineup (Mike Levin, Joe
Sonnefeldt, Bob Long, Alejo Poveda and Heath Chappell) -- please come on down!