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Steve Hashimoto Other News – 05/30/2003

This just in from Chuck Christiansen:
Leonard Pirani died on Friday, May 23, 2003 in a Chicago hospital where
he had been for 2 1/2 weeks following a heart attack.

There is to be a memorial service at Westchester, Illinois, Community Church,
on June 8 at 6pm. (1840 Westchester Blvd. Cermak, 1/2 block east of Mannheim.)
Lenny was a great guy and a great player. I'll miss him.  Hash

Do you have a bit more obit information - nothing came up in a web search.... Rebecca

No, I just got this tonight. He was only a local guy, not famous, but a nice guy.
There are a lot of the older cats that would want to know that he's gone.
He lived in Maywood, I think, so the info might not be in the Chicago papers. Hash

What instrument is he playing on higher plains? Rebecca

He was a piano player. His brother Dennis is a wonderful alto player. Hash

Steve Hashimoto's Journey Journal – News From the Trenches - 06-01-2003:
Another pleasant surprise in the wilds of the jobbing world -- tonight Frank
Donaldson wound up on the Tony Ocean gig in Milwaukee, and we had a great time
talking and playing, and the conversation got me started to thinking (again)
about how fortunate we are to be working musicians in Chicago. I can't think
of too many cities in America where, if you have the interest and the energy,
you can connect with high-caliber musicians in almost every genre as well as
with the histories of those various genres.

Because I have an almost obsessive interest in all kinds of music I've made
friends with and played in a lot of the various scenes, and I feel privileged
to feel like I'm part of a historical continuum that includes such disparate
artists as Sun Ra, Hubert Sumlin, Bob Gibson and Hamilton Camp, Manfredo Fest,
Pinetop Perkins, Minnie Ripperton, Chaka Khan, Paul Butterfield and Mike
Bloomfield, Roger McGuin, Corky Siegel and Jim Schwall, Steve Goodman, John Prine,
Anthony Braxton, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, The Buckinghams, Chicago/C.T.A.,
The Flock, Bunky Green, H.P. Lovecraft, Eddie Taylor, Eddie Harris, Cy Touff,
Pure Smack, Wilderness Road, Air, Earth Wind & Fire, Junior Wells, Muddy
Waters, Ahmad Jamal, Anita O'Day, Bonnie Koloc, Curtis Mayfield, Lee Konitz, John
Lee Hooker, Wilbur Ware, Bob Cranshaw, Bix Beiderbecke, Jimmy McPartland, Davy
Tough, Ira Sullivan, Jerry Butler, Ministry, Liz Phair, Tortoise, Ramsey
Lewis, Bud Freeman, Von Freeman, Oscar Brown, Charlie Musselwhite, Johnny Frigo,
Buddy Charles, Michael Smith, John Gilmore, etc., etc., etc.

If you want the information, it's out there. If you're not going to take
advantage of it, you might as well be living and working in Idaho somewhere.

Speaking of information and a surfeit thereof, I've been seeing commercials
for a Junior American Idol show, upcoming. Has this country no shame? Doesn't
anyone out there think it's a little strange for a twelve-year old to be trying
to sing "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman"? It's hard enough to connect
with the emotional content of that song when you're 21, but I guess it's just
a glaring example of America's cluelessness about emotional content in
general. I'll guiltily admit that I watch a lot of daytime TV (while working on the
computer, honest!), and so I've seen a fair amount of child- and
teenage-"prodigies" trying to screech their way through pop and country hits, and it's a
creepy combination of the child-beauty-pageant syndrome (you tart up a little
7-year old girl and then wonder why there are pedophiles out there) and the
English-as-second-language karaoke experience. The majority of these stage parents
(and I emphasize majority, as I've known a few true child prodigies) should be

This week Steven Hashimoto will try to represent the historical continuum at:

SUN. 6/1: at THE GREEN MILL, 4802 N. Broadway, 8-10pm, with poet Marc Smith
and The Pong Unit (Mike Smith, guitar and dulcimer; Dave Flippo, piano; Brian
Duke, drums) for The Uptown Poetry Slam.

TUES. 6/3: at THE LEOPARD LOUNGE, 1645 W. Cortland, 10:00pm to 1am, with The
Steven Hashimoto Quartet (Dan Hesler, sax; Neal Alger, guitar; Heath Chappell,

THURS. 6/5: a little duo jobbing date in Indiana with Neal Alger. Thanks to
Michelle Golden!

FRI. 6/6: at JACARANDA, 3608 W. 26th St, 9:30pm-12:30am, with Sueños
Latin-jazz Quartet (Mike Levin, sax; Bob Long, piano; Heath Chappell, drums); this is
a real friendly little joint, owned by my old friend Roel Trevino, so if
you're a near-South-sider please come a check it out. Then as always, later on at
THE GREEN MILL, 4802 N. Broadway, 1:30-3:45am, with The Green Mill Quartet
(Barely Winograd, bari sax; Bob Long, piano; Rick Shandling, drums) for The
After-Hours Jam Session.

SAT. 6/7: a jobbing date with Tom Linsk.

Need to fill Sat. June 14, por favor. Call me at 708-222-6520.