****** Musician's Meanderings******
Steve Hashimoto's Journey Journal – News From the Trenches - 05-11-2003:
Some horror stories from the trenches. The names won't be given because I
assume they all want to continue working.

A leader/pianist friend tells of an annually recurring gig; the clients were
very nice but a bit on the clueless side. The gig included an auction, and
after the first couple of years he was requested to bring some extension
speakers for his p.a. because the venue was sort of big and sprawling, and
the guests had full roam of the place. The speakers weren't for the music,
but to alert people that the auction was about to be held. My friend rented
an actual entire 2nd p.a., which he placed in the 2nd room, and ran a line
from his main p.a. After he made his announcement that the auction was about
to take place and could everyone please return to their tables, one of the
organizers runs up to him, all flustered and freaked out, and says that the
guests DOWNSTAIRS and OUTSIDE can't hear him. He tries to explain that he was
only requested to bring speakers for the second room and there's really
nothing he can do about it at this point, and she says "Well, can't you just
take your microphone downstairs and tell people to get back up here?"

Another friend tells of a gig she was on at one of the older hotels downtown.
An inebriated party guest kept coming up on stage asking the leader if he
could "sing a song with the band." After trying to politely put him off for a
couple of sets, the lush was starting to get ugly, so in order to maintain
peace he was told that he could sing one song. For some reason there was on
old, ornate floor lamp on the bandstand, sans lampshade. The leader
surreptitiously removed the light bulb, handed the lamp to the drunk and told
him to sing into the microphone. Ba-da-bing!

The bandleader/steel drummer Lucho Castilla had a gig, leading a fairly large
band. Lucho's bands, sometimes in spite of himself, are usually very good,
because he's smart enough to hire the best players in town. Now I don't think
I'm being racist in saying that many Latinos, musicians included, operate to
a different sense of time than uptight Americanos do. Lucho had two Latin
percussionists on the gig (you all know both of them), one of them a very
punctual cat (on drumset) and the other a well-known cut-it-close kinda guy
(on percussion). The hit time was 7:30, and by 8:30 the percussionist still
hadn't shown up. Luckily, the band was big enough that the client probably
didn't notice that they were short a man. At 8:45 the percussionist comes
strolling in. Lucho yells at him, "Man, what happened? We started at 7:30!"
He replies, "Oh, I though you said it was an 8:30 start." The drummer says,
"You're STILL 15 minutes late, man!" Ba-da-boom!

And a Johnny Frigo story; he was playing a duo gig with a famous pianist (NOT
Joe Vito!) After a couple of days of the gig he told a visiting friend
"There's a clique on this band, and I'm not in it!" (Thanks to Eric Schneider
for this one.)

This week Steven Hashimoto will try to avoid creating further jobbing legends

SUN. 5/11: A Mother's Day Brunch at The Garlands in Barrington with my trio
(Mike Levin and Bob Long). Hope all you mothers have a great day!

MON. 5/12: At KOPI CAFÉ, 5317 N. Clark, 8-10pm, with guitarist Pat Fleming.

WEDS. 5/14: An afternoon gig with Bobby Schiff and Mike Levin (thanks to
Meredith Colby!) and then later on, at Oakton Community College, with Mothra,
for their post-graduation reception.

THURS. 5/15: At THE GATEWAY BAR & GRILLE, 7545 N. Clark, 7:30-10:30pm, with
guitarist Pat Fleming.

FRI. 5/16: As always, at THE GREEN MILL, 4802 N. Broadway, 1:30-3:45am, with
The Green Mill Quartet (Barely Winograd, bari sax; Bob Long, piano; Rick
Shandling, drums) for The After-Hours Jam Session.

SAT. 5/17: At The Restaurant Show, McCormick Place, with my Blues Trio (yeah,
I know, it's a stretch, but a gig's a gig -- Mike Levin on sax and Peter
Lerner on guitar); then later on a jobbing date with the fabulous Tony Ocean
(thanks to Mike Fiorino).

SUN. 5/18: At PROSPECT HEIGHTS LIBRARY, 12 N. Elm St., Prospect Heights,
2-3pm, with Sueños Latin-Jazz Quartet (Mike Levin, sax; Bob Long, piano;
Heath Chappell, drums); then an open-to-the-public graduate recital at
Ensemble (Rob on piano, percussion and composer; Bobby Lewis, trumpet &
flugelhorn; Steve Wunder, saxophones; Dave Onderdonk, guitars; Carlos
Cornier, percussion; and Andrew Sole, drums; they'll also be performing
bassist Anthony Bromen's compositions, with Anthony on bass); then, finally,
at SIMON'S TAVERN, 5210 N. Clark, 9-11:30pm, with The Steven Hashimoto Quartet
 (Dan Hesler, sax; Zvonimir Tot, guitar; Heath Chappel, drums).

I still need to fill Sat. May 24. Call me at 708-222-6520.