If you wish to be removed from this list, just ask.

Inevitably, I left a few people off of last week's list of patrons of the
arts. Thanks to Kathy Kelly, Dan DiLorenzo and Brad Ard for also contributing
to keeping me afloat this year.

And lest you feel neglected:

Thank you for listening to me ramble on week after week. I have this mental
picture (which I hope most of you won't find too alarming) of me wandering
around in your kitchen late at night, rummaging through the fridge and then
leaving cryptic notes for you under a refrigerator magnet. I value your
feedback and although I'm sure that at one time or another I've offended or
outraged almost everyone, don't take it personally. Thanks to all you leaders
and bookers who've somehow weathered my occasional sniping; thanks to all the
"chick" singers who haven't taken offense when I've blasted the
lesser-talented members of your sorority; thanks to all of you who have
actually come to one of my gigs; and again, thanks to everyone who gave me
work or recommended me for a gig. You're the top!

This week Steven Hashimoto will stagger to the year's finish line and start
next year's race at:

TUES. 12/31: JILLY'S ON RUSH STREET (the restaurant, not the bar), 9:30-1:30,
I think, with The Fabulous Joe Valentino Trio featuring the Magnificent Jamie

FRI. 1/3: THE GREEN MILL, 4802 N. Broadway, 1:30-3:45am, with The Green Mill
Quartet (Barely Winograd, bari sax; Bob Long, piano; Rick Shandling, drums)
for the After-Hours Jam Session.

SUN. 1/5: THE GREEN MILL, 4802 N. Broadway, 8-10pm, with poet Marc Smith and
the Pong Unit (Mike Smith, guitar; Dave Flippo, keyboards; Ted Sirota, drums)
for The Uptown Poetry Slam. A tune-up for our New York gig next week.

I pretty much need to fill every Saturday from here to eternity (except Jan.
11) with some sort of gainful employment. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,
Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays won't be turned down, either! Call me at
HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone.